Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Highway Passage

After our lengthy trip on the highway today, we got caught in home coming traffic and it took forever at some points to clear the traffic on and off the car ramps.  So I took out my camera and played with the clouds overhead.  Now July and August so far have been gorgeous, so to see dark clouds leaves you with that dreading feeling.  But the formations were spectacular.  So I have to show you them.  Every direction I shot a photo, the colour of the sky was different.  And two hours after arriving home, we are still under white fluffy clouds and bright blue patches.  Will it rain tonight, it is anyone's guess.  Perhaps they are travelling through, just as we did on our drive home.  But it took the monotony out of sitting in traffic at certain points.  Having a camera in your bag, can be an adventure in itself.    Take care everyone.  Have fun shooting.

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