Monday, 25 June 2012

Neat Idea....

When we moved to our new house this year, the previous owner was a crafter.  She had turned a double closet into a craft station with tabletop and shelves on the walls above.  She also had a keyboard tray mounted under the table, which I use for my swaps.  I do all my cutting and preparation first, and the tray holds everything required to complete my cards or project, so that nothing is lost in the clutter that sometimes happens to the work surface.  I still have to organize the space, but I am so happy to have a place that actually has doors on it, to cover up the mess I can make while crafting.  I thought I would pass along this hint, for others to see.  Perhaps this could be something you could use.  The tray slides in, and out of the way after use.  I love it.

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Emily Brewer said...

What a great idea for a keyboard tray!

I've tagged you for the Liebster blog award, because I really like your blog and it has fewer than 200 followers. For details follow this link