Monday, 18 June 2012

FATHER'S DAY and mother's too!

I feel like I am in a new dimension - meaning what happened to Blogger?   I guess I am one of those people who hate change, especially in an area where I work constantly.  However, that said and done, hubby and I spent Father's Day in total relaxation and laziness.  We remained in casual dress (mine was a housecoat) and languished the day away.  I finished reading a book, that had to go back to the library today.  I made it!  Supper was easy, a one pot special.  How much better can it be.  Hmmm, well someone could have made the supper for us and served it with a glass of wine.  I guess we will have to save up for another cruise to get that kind of service.  Speaking of which, we were talking about that yesterday.  I think a cruise would be a wonderful idea.  So I'll have to keep filling the loose change jar for our pocket money and set aside an amount each month for our vacation.  This year is not an option, with hubby still recovering from open heart surgery, but by next year he should be well on the mend.  Yup, I think that will be our goal for next year.  A nice vacation somewhere, cruise or not.  Til next time, take care and stop and smell the flowers.

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Maggie said...

Just popped in from Vicki's blog to say hi.
Your lazy Sunday sounds just the sort of thing that we like to do whilst vacationing, too busy to it at home!
A cruise sounds lovely, hope you fill that jar up quickly.
Btw, I have found that having word verification on your blog can be very off putting and can stop others from leaving comments. Just a thought.
Maggie in Normandy