Friday, 23 March 2012

End of the Week

Well, by all appearances, hubby will be home this weekend. He had a second angiogram and they found nothing for concern. They seem to be satisfied enough to have him come home, so I prepare myself for a period of recovery without any further dramatics to add to the story. It has been a busy week. Visits and appointments for my mother, a visit downtown to see hubby, numerous phone calls to family and friends. Now a quick tidy up and vacumn for his return and I am done. Who am I kidding? My work just begins. LOL. Last day of spring break and the girls go back to school. Wouldn't you know it, mum and dad are invited to a wedding this weekend out of town, so I babysit the girls overnight. I feel like I am on a pogo stick, jumping from here to there. Wouldn't it be nice to be 30 again. So I work in double time. A half here and a half later. That's how you get me these days. Well, back to cleaning and getting ready. At least it is sunny. Makes you feel stronger doesn't it?

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