Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pony Up!

Of all the things, my husband refuses to give up or give away, is this poor little
pony, that we once rescued from a 2nd hand shop and gave it some life. It was just a
colourless little article stuck in a corner of the shop with boxes sitting on it.
It cost us all of $19 and he fell in love with it. So we packed it around with us in our 2 door Thunderbird, on the backseat, for the remainder of our vacation. And then it came home with us on the ferry from Vancouver Island. I chose some paint and in my primitive talent, painted our little pony with flowing mane and blue eyes.
We gave it to our then 7 month old grand-daughter for Christmas. At that time she was just developing her personality and the word Attitude fit her to a tee. So on the back of the seat I painted the pony's name "AT2D". We have 2 girls now, 11 and
almost 8 years old. And the younger of the two still drags AT2D out into our living room and sits on it with legs crossed, in lotus form, on the seat and rocks. The first toy that moves out of its resting place, is that pony. It doesn't seem to matter that everyone is bigger than it. They fight over it. Literally. Who ever would have thought that a junk shop find would have produced a version of a
hobby horse that has weathered well, with its paint job and is the love of any child
that has crossed our threshold. Including our great niece, who had just turned three
this summer. Maybe there's some magic in that little wooden nag. Neigh-h-h-h-h-h!

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