Monday, 16 May 2011


You never saw such a shocked face, as when we all yelled surprise at my daughters
40th birthday party. For a person who always has a comment for everything, she was
stunned and we were all delighted. She is the hardest person to spring things on, but just once we finally managed the ultimate surprise. We brought my mother out for
the day to join in the activities. It was tiring for her in the end, but she enjoyed being with her family. The grandchildren were so excited that they had pulled one over on their mother. And of course, they were excited that all their little friends were there too. They had a corner in the restaurant of their own and were able to have their own special day as well. One over active boy was given an
apron and helpers button, and he helped serve cake, and clean up which delighted him,
and kept him busy and out of mischief. He loved it. All in all a very successful day and a good feeling for those who worked so hard to pull this off.

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