Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sleepytime Tea

Well, another day has gone by. A busy day, with groceries and banking to do. And because the Easter weekend is coming up, it was crowded. But I lucked out as I was able to use the fast check and I was in and out in minutes. But I wasn't as lucky
with the bank. I got to use the ATM, 2nd in line, with a lineup behind me minutes later. But I had to see a teller as well, but one look at the lineup of 20 or so
customers stopped me in my tracks. There is always tomorrow, has become my motto since retiring. I can't seem to stop yawning tonight, so I brewed my herbal tea and
closed down my computer stations and now I am about to shut down for the night.
Sleep tight everyone - may tomorrow bring sunshine and flowers to you all.

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