Sunday, 17 April 2011

Precious finds

I am in a cleanup mode. Starting with some bins that hold secrets now, because I packed them up two years ago when we had our flood, and I have no idea what I will find in them. My grd-kids are having a clothing and soft items drive at the end of the month and the first bin I opened contained linens for a king size bed. As these are of no use to me, I am making my first donation. But first they need to be freshened.
In one bin, I got the surprise of my life. My M-I-Law was an avid knitter and she made blanket throws for all her grandchildren. I was thrilled to find one in my bin,
that I had forgotten she had made for me. What a priceless heirloom to remember her by. I had no idea or recollection of having it, so it is like finding an old quilt,
that you never throw out and keeping it for ages to come. My daughter still has hers
that her grandmother made when she moved out on her own to her first apartment. And because her lifelong friend moved in with her, she made one for her too. To say that
I was thrilled is an understatement. She has been gone for four years, but what a
wonderful remembrance of her, when I cuddle in my chair to read or watch TV with her
comfort throw around my legs. Thank you Mum. This is indeed a precious find.

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