Thursday, 7 April 2011

Frustration Plus

For anyone who is contemplating on have your elders placed in a care home, beware!
Working with the Ministry is torture, as your questions are never answered, you are
left hanging and in complete limbo. Six months ago my mother had to be place in a
care home. We were pressured by the hospital at the time, where she spent 8 weeks, to take her home until she could be placed. We told them it was impossible for us to
do so. But they stalled and stalled and would not give us any helpful answers, so we looked into homes for ourselves and found one very suitable and close to home for
visiting purposes. We asked if we placed her under private pay, could she apply for
subsidy and the answer was yes. And it might take up to a year but she would remain there when her approval for subsidy came through. They would do the paperwork and she would remain in her own room, quite unaware of the changes made. So we agreed.
In January she was assessed and approved for funding. BUT they said that she would
remain at the home only until they found another to move her too, and that we could
say no to that facility, but it would put her at the bottom of the list. That's called blackmail. Meanwhile we have left messages with them for answers. We just get voice messages that they will move her at their perogative, if she wants the funding. We have been led down the garden path, and are in a hopeless situation,
because my mother refuses to move. She likes it there, but we are running out of money. So we have approached our local MLA to see if he can intervene. Next to going on TV, we don't know what to do. So be aware that there isn't much room for you to do anything, and the ministry, so far, is holding all the trump cards.
I am off my soap box now, but believe me we are not done yet.

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Tracy.H said...

So sorry to hear about all the problems! I am just in the beginning stages of finding something for my Mom. Hopefully we don't have too many issues here too. Big Hugs.