Thursday, 10 February 2011

Inspiration Garden

Isn't this pretty? It is a stream on my sister's property out the back of her home.
It was overgrown and had weeds in the water. They waded in and pulled them all out,
cut down the scrub brush, pulled in rocks for the stream's edging and planted a garden around it. She takes her coffee out back, and sits in the peace of the air and the gurgling of the stream, while she writes her novels. One is about to be published. Her first book, while she is working on the sequel. It's her private space she says. There is a little bridge that goes over the stream and it leads into
a little round clearing, surrounded by trees. One day she wants to put a gazebo in
there and make it her little hide-away. It's perfect for that and an inspiration point.

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June Bourgo said...

Thanks, sis, for highlighting my favourite spot. You can all share it with me. You can lost in the picture too.

Right now it is frozen except for the pond. It is open, dark and gurgling, surrounded with snow. It is very beautiful in it's own right, but too cold to sit by LOL.