Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tryptychs anyone?

Well we are moving into the middle of the month and I can't believe it is coming up
so fast. What happened to January. Hubby and I will be beginning a new weight program in hopes that we can lose enough to enjoy summer and perhaps start walking.
Meanwhile, we still have the balance of winter to go through, whatever that will bring us. A bit of snow, lots of rain, cold and hail storms. I am working on several more swaps and just finished one today. It is called a tryptych, which is a
series of 3 making up a whole. So it can be three panels of related colour, or images. I was stuck for a while, as I haven't made these before. I love poppies,
so when I saw these digital images and put them together, I used a ribbon to keep
them together and added some studs and a crystal for embellishment. The actual panels are glued to a cardboard base (cereal boxes cut to fit) which helps to keep
the picture from bending. I glued the ribbon to the backs of the panels and then
covered them with a piece of cardstock on each piece. I call it "Remember".

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