Sunday, 30 January 2011

Poor Baby...

Our family dog has a history of weak knees and two weeks ago she put one of them out
and was on anti-inflamatories to calm it down. But just as she got better with that leg, she took off running and tore the ligament in her other knee and just had surgery to repair it. So we have an invalid dog who needs to be carried outside several times a day, monitor her actions so she won't jump up on anything and keep her from licking the wound. She has a cone to wear but when we put it on her, she
hyperventilates and we have to take it off again. And we can't leave her, so we have to co-ordinate our times so that someone is always home with her. This is like
having my mum at home, worrying about her falling. In this case, we worry about her
jumping or bothering her incision with licking. Poor baby. I get to doggysit this morning while the girls are at soccer games and hopefully be able to visit my mum
later this afternoon.

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Cyndi said...

Hi Norma! Oh, bless her little heart. She is such a beautiful dog. I hope that she heals quickly and everything turns out well for her!

Hope you are doing well, too! I've not been blogging much a cold and just haven't felt like it!