Friday, 10 December 2010

Theme: Symbols

As Christmas is fast approaching and for a retired couple, the days are filled beyond belief, I am going to show you what I have been up to over the past week.
This is getting ready for a New Year Swap I joined. I have completed my two sets of
four cards and I am going to show you one set tonight and another over the weekend.
Now these two are themes of Celtic symbols with the Irish shamrock and the Scottish
thistle and the celtic knot shown on the medallion behind. The other one is Music symbols, with the treble clef and music notes.
These next two are the symbol of Aquarius, which is depicted with a jug of water, and the tiny picture next to Aquarius is the water carrier. The lovely green one depicts the Tree of Life. This one was fun, as I cut the steps and multi-layered them with dimensionals to stand out from the main card.

Now tomorrow I will show you my Zentangles, which basically are black and white ink
doodles, which comprise the second set of cards I had to do. Leave me some lovin' and come back tomorrow if you wish. Have a good night all.In case you are wondering
on the Aquarius card, I painted tin foil and then crinkled it before adhering to the card and added some blue crystals coming from the urn to simulate water.

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