Sunday, 21 November 2010

We're building a snowman, Nana...

What little bit of snow we got on Friday is being used to advantage by my grd-dtrs.
Even if their snowman is a mini version. But by the looks of it one grd-dtr is about to get creamed by a snowball from her sister. It has turned very cold today.
Cold enough for me to change to my new winter jacket which is fuzzy inside and cozy.
It kept me warm but now I need heavier pants or a granny blanket to put over my knees inside the car. I am beginning to enjoy those comforts and don't care who sees
me. Pride goeth before the fall. Hmmmm, now I need some warm gloves. My hands look
like they have been in the bathtub too long - all wrinkly and pruney from the cold.

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Cyndi said...

Oh gosh, snow! The girls look like they are having a great time and Charlee looks like she's getting out of the way of the soon-to-be flying snow! :o)