Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Another day....

Well, it has been two weeks since mum went into a seniors residence. She still isn't
used to it yet and has a few grumblies about it, but we see cracks in the armor when
she is anxious to get back for supper when we take her out. She does love the food they serve. Lots of variety, she says and quite delicious. She had a doctors appointment yesterday, so I picked her up early and we went out for lunch and then on a quick little shopping trip for some face powder. She has been wanting to go back to the house, but we didn't feel she was ready for it yet, but, I relented and
said okay you have 45 minutes for a quick visit before I have to get you back to your home. She suddenly backtracked, because she thought my daughter would get mad at her for coming back. We had a lovely cup of tea with her and she was ready to drive back to the residence, but "oh dear I may have to run to get to the dining room on time". She was fine. She had 20 minutes to spare and she was all ready for
I started my cards and I'm finishing up a swap I need to get done soon. BUT I still haven't thought about Christmas yet. Oh my gosh, is it that time again? I haven't a clue what to buy anyone. Oh that's a fib. Dtr. said she is in desperate need of a couple of new saucepans. I guess I could handle that for her. We have a Walmart that runs scooters for people not able to walk around the store. So last year both hubby and I went shopping that way and were able to complete all our shopping in one store and without painful legs. What a godsend that was. Guess it's Walmart again
this year. Til next time folks, take it easy, stay healthy and enjoy today only.

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Cyndi said...

Hi Norma! Glad to hear that your mom is making some progress in regards to living at the senior residence. I bet in a few more months she'll really love it there and be ready to consider it "home". It is nice that you can go and get her from time-to-time to take her for outings and visits with the family. Keeps them connected to things outside of the residence.

Have a wonderful day!