Saturday, 14 August 2010

Records broken...

I am about to melt into a puddle like a winter's snowman in a hothouse. Pheweee.
This is heat that we have never been through before and it is expected to go higher
this coming week. So I can say right now, I will be doing very little except for the necessities around the house. I have overnight company coming this weekend but
fortunately for me, they will miss the supper hour and they always get their own
breakfast in the morning. So an easy visit for me. I can sit and enjoy their company without the work involved. The heat isn't helping the forest fires though. In fact they had a fire right on the highway today just a few minutes drive
from our house. We live in a beautiful province, with many trees and it is an awesome sight to see them literally explode into flames in the space of a few seconds. But sad for the beautiful tree as well. When we were down in the States
a number of years ago, we were driving through a gorgeous area in Washington state
called Chuckanut Drive. We saw a train below us throwing out coals from the engine
to the side of the rails. Next thing we saw were the trees bursting into flame. We
got in our car and rushed down the road to a ranger station to report the fire and
at one point a tree beside us exploded as we passed, going over the top of us and
catching the trees on the other side of us. We drove like maniacs to get out of the
area. It was scarey. I have much appreciation for the fire fighters on the line.
Til next time. I'll be back soon.

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