Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Well, I'm gradually catching up on some swaps and one of them that I am in is called
a Moo swap. These are the same as ATC's but on a smaller scale. 1-1/8 inches by
2-3/4 inches. So I did these three Moo's. I also have to do 2% Moos, which are the
same size but with overhangs or danglies on them, and then Whole Milk Moos which are
ATC cards with the Moo card incorporated in the theme, I choose. Sheer craziness all around but fun.
The top left one is a bit of craziness. I scribbled over the card, added a fabric
gold leaf, on which I painted lines and added crystals for the eyes, and I call it
Tribal Mask. The next top one is cut out leaves from a die and layered over the card
with a little frog in the bottom corner and it is called "Wind in the Willows". My
bottom card was aimed at "Father's Day" with a lazy rest in the garden reading his
newspaper. And that's about as much energy as I have had this week with these record
high temperatures for the coast. They have broken records back to the 1940's with this heat. But this weekend promises a break in temperatures and some very needed rain. Especially for all the forest fires we have here in our province.

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Cyndi said...

Norma, those little "mini Moos" are really cute. I really like the one with the frog!

I hope you get lots of rain to help with the fires, and a respite from the heat. We had a HUGE thunderstorm on Sunday and have been enjoying cooler temperatures since then.