Friday, 27 August 2010

Another restful night in paradise...

Paradise, it wasn't. I spent the better part of the early morning in the hospital
emergency ward with my mother. She fell yesterday and hurt her hip, and gave herself a nasty bruise on her arm. But she insisted she was fine, until bedtime came up and after we all got into our P.J's, she decided then, that she should be seen to by a doctor. So the usual six hour sit and wait took place in the ER with all kinds of folks there. Drunk ones, sick ones, hurt ones and others with police escorts. A spaced out person who spouted philosophy of the universe. Yes, it was quite the experience and to top it all off, xrays proved that mother was okay afterall. Meanwhile, my 'shy' mother spoke to all the loonies there, and one of the policemen in care of a very intoxicated lady. I was so happy to get out of there.
But I am so tired and I had to get up for a long awaited specialist appointment that I had, with a three month wait behind it. So I couldn't cancel it at the last moment just because I was tired. Some sympathy I got from him, he just laughed when I rudely yawned in his face. I actually took a two hour nap this afternoon. I don't feel any better for it.
Meanwhile, I am trying to arrange for a few days away in Birch Bay, but I am not
connecting at all. Hmmm, perhaps I had better look in another direction. It must be
an omen that the timing is off. Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone. Last week of
summer vacation for the grandkids and then it is back to school again. That sure was a quick summer.


Cyndi said...

Oh Norma, I'm so sorry to hear that your mom took a nasty fall, but glad that she is alright! And a hospital ER is certainly the place to go if you want to see all the "nuts"! So sorry you had to sit there for so long. Hope your own appointment went well, you get some rest, and you are able to get away for a little trip!

Have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Geez Norma...things just keep getting better and better! Sorry your Mom had a fall but just think of all the new friends you met! LOL Someday you will be able to put it in your book! Have an uneventful weekend yourself!!
Mrs Noofy.