Thursday, 8 July 2010


Well, it looks like we are experiencing some summer weather at last. But to go from
65 to 88 overnight, is a little hard to take. Phew! But I'm not complaining yet.
We have waited so long for some summer weather out here on the Coast,that we thought
it might have passed us by when we weren't looking. My poor hanging basket is suffering heat shock and I'm not sure I am going to be able to revive it. But I am
babying it along, and took it out of the sun, in hopes that it will revive itself.
I think I will mist it and see if that helps it too. My son in law cuts the grass
but this sudden spurt of energy this week, has the lawn looking like a mini jungle.
Our resident visitor that I mentioned in my last post, loves the young grass and sits
daily nibbling on his own smorgasbord.
I have a busy day ahead, with taking my mother to a couple of appointments. It is always something it seems. Life is never ending with its ups and downs. Her mobility is a little compromised, so everything is done in slow motion. I don't always do much better in myself, with the legs, so it is a challenge for me to be ready for her routine, when I am not in any better shape myself. So add on the heat
to the effects of the body and it can become mind over matter. Isn't growing older,
so much fun? Those golden moments they speak of? It's the odd hour, or day when
your aches and pains are at level one or two, and it feels good because it isn't worse. Those moments are golden. LOL.

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