Sunday, 4 July 2010

Home Bunny

I went out into the garden to take some pictures of our butterfly tree but I was too
late, as it had already bloomed, and I had not thought about looking at it until tonight. But to my surprise I found something else in my yard. A little Home Bunny.
We have had a resident bunny for several years visit our garden and luckily our dog
has not been out there at the same time, because I think visits would stop after a wild chase around the garden by Charlee.

He was quite approachable as I slowly advanced on him and snapped a few quick photos
before he hopped away.

He gradually made it up to the top of the garden and I snapped a quick picture before
slowly leaving him and going back into the house.

The colour in the photos isn't the best but isn't he cute? He always comes visiting when the grass has been let to grow for a few days. Nice fresh salad for him, I guess. I have a quick shot type camera, so it doesn't allow me much leeway to get
super photos. I am hoping to get a better one with an autoclick on it, so that I can
just keep clicking away and I know I will get a shot I want out of it. This one takes its time to set up for the next shot. I use photoshop to get the natural colour as best I can, but you can only work with what you have.

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Cyndi said...

Very sweet! We have a rabbit that makes a nest in our yard every year...this year it was underneath the rose bushes. We have a dog, so it always amazes me that she does this, but the neighbors have a very naughty cat (Junior) that likes to kill everything, so I think our dog is the lesser of two evils! Noah kept Junior away from the babies and they all made it this year! :o)