Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Butterfly heaven

We don't have the biggest garden, or flower patch but tucked away on the side of the house, that we don't regularly visit, is a tree or very large bush, called the Butterfly Bush. In the spring I had gone around the side of the house and was disappointed in what I thought was a spent tree with blossoms come and gone. What a
surprise when I was out with the dog and came around the corner today to see a beautiful display of lavendar blooms. It has the largest display of plumes ever seen on this bush before. I am sure our little butterfly friends, and other visitors are in their glory to flit over this floral delight. And what a gorgeous day it is out there. Sunny and warm, but not too hot. My kind of day.

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Cyndi said...

Your butterfly bush is beautiful, Norma. I am jealous!!! Those grow really well in our zone, but although I have tried to grow them on several different occasions, they just don't want to grow for me. I now grow Agastache for the butterflies!