Saturday, 3 April 2010

Getting ready

So here is the bride getting ready for the church, except because our photographer was late, this picture was actually taken back at home, after we were married! LOL.
The groom sat in the living room waiting. Then we proceeded to our wedding reception. Luckily we had an open bar and some goodies for the guests to nibble on, so we were close by and there was only an hour delay. Black light was a new thing at that time, so we stood in the middle of the floor and literally glowed for our guests. Lots of oohs and ahhs that day and we were the first couple of many cousins
to follow to have this special effect. Don't the pages look so much prettier than the standard wedding album of years gone by?
I only have five weeks until the cruise to get this album done and sneak it into our luggage, as a surprise for hubby and our friends. Got to get busy.

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Tracy.H said...

What a great photo!! :0)