Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring Blossoms

I have to show you a photo that someone took at Global TV today, which my husband
froze until I could get my camera ready. With this weird winter weather we have had
and the snowless Olympics, look what our visitors saw during their stay. This is a
street in downtown Vancouver today. Isn't it gorgeous? Except it is over a month
early and now anyone with alergies is suffering that much sooner. So with the good
comes the bad. Our grass needs cutting. It's crazy.


ParkNSlide said...

Just breathtaking---Wow!

Tracy.H said...

OMG! How I wish. We are starting to thaw out nicely, but we are no where near that!! I am getting itchy for it though. ;0)

ms Givens said...

What a nice street to be living on.