Monday, 1 March 2010

42 years later

Well, I am facing a challenge. Last year when we had our flood, our wedding album
was destroyed. Fortunately for me, our photos were inside paper sleeves which helped to protect the image but the album was water logged and mildewed beyond help.
So I have purchased some background paper to re-do our album. But I am actually going to cut those photos, which is a scarey thought and take out all the unnecessary
garbage around the subjects and embellish the image more. I am hoping to have it
finished for our anniversary in May. So instead of cards I will be posting some of
my efforts here as I go along.
Meanwhile I am still into some swaps until May, so it will be a process for everything to be finished by then. Most of my pictures are in black and white.
Colour was way too expensive back then. So it should be interesting.