Tuesday, 5 January 2010

And the New Year begins....

Hi there out in 'net' land. Well, Christmas is over and we begin a new year once
again. So far, which I like, it has been uneventful, quiet, reflective and just plain nice. Hubby and I are on our food plan to lose some of that excessive poundage we have been carrying around with us. There comes a time when sore and achey bodies are a curse and just plain restrictive. 2010 is going to be our
wake-up year and a trip down a healthier path. Besides in May we are going on our
Alaskan cruise, so we want to be able to enjoy the walks on board as well as the
sightseeing walks on shore. That gives us four and a half months to make a dent into
our weight loss plan and at least, give us some function back again. We will feel
good with whatever changes we can make.
I haven't got into my crafting yet, but intend to this week, with some swaps I am
committed to and a small commission job for a local restaurant. They need some
bill folders made up for end of meal payment. I have made quite a few over the past
few years, plus padded menu covers for them as well. That kept me busy.
Well, I need to get a move on here and get my mojo working. Thanks for following my

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