Friday, 11 December 2009

First snow

Well they predict we will have our first snowfall of the season by Sunday night or
Monday. We had a dusting of snow today that seemed to only stick to the road while
the grass remained green. And lo and behold a city truck came down our street and
laid some liquid salt or de-icer and the snow was gone within ten minutes. I don't
think I have seen a truck down here in our years of living here. But I guess after
last year, when a garbage truck got stuck and then the city truck got stuck in our
cul-de-sac, our luck may have changed. We hope so. Meanwhile it is predicted that
we will have a green Christmas as we have an El Nino building up from Hawaii to keep
the area bathed in warmer, liquid sunshine mode. The usual winter fare for the coast.
I am still nursing a miserable cold, that seems to be affecting my balance as well.
I'm as weak as a kitten and can only do limited chores before heading for a chair for a rest. While my mum seems to be losing it over the past two weeks and has slid
into another dimension of dementia. Not capable of doing things quickly, or being
able to sort things out without help. My sister is visiting for the weekend, and I
know she will be shocked to see the difference in her from a month ago. I had to help her finish her Christmas cards, because it took her two hours to complete two
the other day. I got her to sign her cards while I made up the envelopes and stamped
them. Hubby mailed them for me when he picked up the grandkids from school.
And with that said, I am off to bed. I am pooped beyond belief.

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Tracy.H said...

I don't know about El Nino...we have tons of snow...still snowing, it started yesterday morning. And our high tomorrow is -28!! I could REALLY use that El Nino!! But it is suppose to warm up next week and we are expecting some plus temps and some possible rain!! Which will make the road conditions just a lovely mess!! oh well...what can you do?

Hope you feel better soon...and all the best with your Mom this holiday season.

Hugs :0)