Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Down and Out

Well, I got all my flu shots and thought I was doing so well, but yesterday I came down with a miserable cold and fever. I slept in my lazy boy chair most of the afternoon, and then sent hubby out for his supper. I managed one load of laundery, but that was it for me. Oh well, if I can shake it before Christmas,great. Mum's
companion came in for her Tuesday visit, but was here ten minutes and went home in tears, as someone had broken into her house. And for some unknown reason they took her files of her challenged daughter's history from birth. I have no idea why they would want them, so she is very upset. That's 28 years of history stolen. I shake my head, even though it does make me dizzy doing so. Like why!? The records pertain
to all her ailments, challenges, surgeries etc. What good are they to anyone?
Very strange. Well, that is enough for me this time. I need some "drugs" for this

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