Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I haven't been online in my blog for a few days. Seems this unsettled weather is playing havoc with internet. My computer goes out for a couple of hours until the
lights come back on and then when I want to add some photos of my cards, kids etc.
the batteries died in my camera. It will be on the mend by the weekend I am sure.
Meanwhile, life is running smoothly the last few days. I am busy making my Christmas
cards. And except for housework, (yuck! dirty word) nothing new around here. I'll
get back shortly with some new features.

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Tracy.H said...

I think most of us are lost without the computer. Hope your weather improves. We are still having nice weather here in Calgary. I think it is suppose to cool down finally this weekend...around 0...we have been so lucky this Fall! We are all waiting though...I know we are gonna pay for it all one day. ;0)