Sunday, 15 November 2009


Too busy with craft fairs, Christmas card making and life in general eh? Well, I
forgive you, because it has been a busy time for me too. But a winner had to be found, to see who was following my blog and Tracy,from TracysHappyPlace is the lucky
lady, and the winner of my handmade card and little tuck-in goodie. So I will be getting busy over the weekend for her little reward.
I started making my Christmas cards and I actually started my shopping as well. So
I am feeling optimistic that my shopping will be done shortly. At least by December
1st anyway.
We have had rain all week with more expected. A typical fall weather. They are predicting a dryer winter, because of a warm front from Hawaii Pacific. After last year I am looking forward to it. No more frozen pipes please. With that I am off
to bed. It's almost 1 am. My problem is that I fall asleep watching TV and when I
wake in time for bed, I am wide awake and not ready at all. So that is my crafting
time or computer time. Anyone else like me? Take care, until next time.

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Tracy.H said...

Thanks again for the win!

I am sooooo hoping to be done the majority of my shopping by the 1st. I say it every year and never make it, but I am well on my way to doing this year. There are just a few items that will not be available for sale until December but other than that I am hoping to be done on time this year!! Woohoo!

I fall asleep watching tv all the time. But I have not trouble going to sleep...never an issue for me! ;0)