Sunday, 18 October 2009

Alaska bound!

Yay! Tomorrow morning we shall put our deposit on our long awaited cruise to Alaska.
It was meant to happen last year on our anniversary, but with all the upset of our lives then and this years floods and surgeries, it bypassed us again. But we finally
were able to find a spot on a trip for next May, two years later. So fingers crossed
that life won't interfere and we will be getting away with another couple in tow for a long awaited cruise. I am looking forward to it. We really enjoyed our cruise when we retired but at that time we also did a land tour as well and got to see Alaska first hand. Absolutely gorgeous. I was hooked. This time we will be docking
at Ketchican, Sitka and Juneau, a trip into history and the gold rush days. The other couple have never been up there, so we shall see it through fresh eyes once again. It should be fun. What I like most is the catering done for us in every respect. Made up beds each day, no vacumning or washing bathrooms. Our own chefs,
delivery of meals to the table. Total pampering and all you have to do is raise your glass. Oooo, I can't wait. See the photo in my profile. That was us on our
last trip to Alaska. So happy.

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Tracy.H said...

Congrats! I have never been, but my friends that have, have absolutely loved it! :0)