Friday, 25 September 2009

Vacation time

Well, at long last, we will manage to get a week away and call it a holiday. Next week we will make a house exchange with my sister and spend some time at her house,
while she and hubby spend their time at our house. Sis will be on hand to help our
mother and provide some visit time during the day and evenings, like I usually do.
While I will get a chance to chill out, read a book, spend time with my DH without
interruptions and enjoy the freedom of movement, not evident while at home.
She has entered a very needy stage, so our time away is counted in minutes to a couple of hours with complaints that we are "always" out. She isn't alone, but has
the dog with her, and a backup help bracelet, but she is most needy in the evening
if it gets dark. She gets nervous by herself. It does put a damper on our own
spontaneity and my dtr and I always have to co-ordinate our timing when wanting to go
out. She has a companion twice a week, to allow us some free time but that seems to
back fire on us, because she doesn't want to leave that poor little dog on her own, so she won't go out of the house if she knows that we plan to leave. It is frustrating. Anyway, I look forward to the respite time. Mum took another fall this
week, and gave herself another bruise on her forehead. I will say one thing about her, she has the hardest head I have ever seen. The strongest bones. A lesser person would have broken every bone in their bodies by now. She is a worry some times. I would never have imagined that I would be spending my retirement as a home
nurse and caretaker. How life changes in an instant. So I won't be online for a week, but please come back soon. I'll be thinking of all of you.

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Tracy.H said...

Hope you both enjoy your week away. :0)