Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fire burning

I just had an email from my sister living up in one of the fire zones. Apparently
the fire broke over the ridge about 20 KMS away and this evening they evacuated
people living there, and the fire has jumped the road and headed into bushland.
She and my other sister both live in a town called Clinton and she is becoming a little concerned, as the fire marshall said this fire had travelled 25 kms this
afternoon. I suggested she make up a box of her private things and special items
and some clothes and have it by the door, just in case they were brought into the evacuation too. They don't expect it to reach them, but it is always good to be prepared. We are having horrendous disasters here in Canada this summer. Heat and
cold, fires, and now today tornadoes in Ontario. And the hurricane Ben is expected
to hit the eastern coast with possible tornadoes too. Unbelieveable situations so
unlike anything we have experienced. And this isn't Global Warming. Who's kidding who?

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