Thursday, 16 July 2009

Finding my oasis

Good morning all. The sun is in full radiance this morning, although I must say my
eyes are not. Wake up! Well, today I take my mother back to the hospital for her
second cataract surgery. Another very exhausting day of sitting around on hard chairs, waiting for her surgery time, sitting through her surgery and then putting her back into her transporter chair and driving over to the optometry office for more
drops. She had the first one done two weeks ago and it has been an every 4 hour shift to do more drops each day. It would help if she didn't have those senior moments of memory lapse, which end in arguments. But she remembers what the doctor says and then gets the instructions muddled up, so it is a fight to get the job done
the way it should be and not through her version of events. We are working through a
series of X-Rays, and mental tests for early dementia, so it is very tiring at times.
It is like pushing a reluctant child to do things, except she is the adult form and
can speak back and be as stubborn. Plus always remembering that she is your mother and deserves the respect. I am ready for a holiday and I plan to take one in September somewhere. I found a beautiful cabin on a mountain top with spectacular
views, no people around, but hubby thought it was just a little remote and after a
couple of days, it might become monotonous. So I have to keep looking for my oasis.
I feel like my hanging baskets, who have seen so much sun, that they are starting to
droop and lose their brightness and zest. Hmmm-m-m that reminds me, I'm thirsty.

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