Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Island Memories

This is a beautiful bush that overgrows our fence from our neighbour. I think we get the benefit of its beauty more than he. My husband has threatend to cut it back.
That territorial instict you know, but I told him that not one twig will be touched.
And when the breezes blow, the perfume wafts through the garden delicate and sweet.
It reminds me of my first trip to Hawaii years ago, before progress and large buildings ruined Waikiki, and it was still a lush garden of exquisite flowers and
fauna, each with their own fragrance. Overpowering and heady. Sitting on the patio,
with eyes closed, memories flood back with each perfumed breath. Um-m-m-m-m.
Can you see the little bee to the right of the center? I tried so hard to catch him
on the flower but he was too quick for me and my little camera.

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