Thursday, 21 May 2009

For the love of Pete!

I thought the title to this post was tongue in cheek, as this is my brother's name and the album I made up was just for him. He left today on his journey back home
and in three hours will arrive on home turf, although still an hour away from his
easy chair and slippers. It has been a great two weeks having him and his wife and
my niece here. They came to spend time with our mother who will be 87 this summer
and is in the early stages of dementia. We as a family, thought it best that he
visit this year in case things progress beyond this happy reunion period. Only time
will tell what is to come. I took some very quick pictures of some of the pages
of my album, which I must say are very disappointing to view. The album turned out
really well, considering I had only one day to put it together. I was able to use
up-to-date photos of all the family and their tots, plus some of us "elders" as well.
He loved it and that is what matters most. Please forgive the terrible photos. They do not give justice to the pages.

My mother and brother.
Next is a photo of my mother and sisters and brother and me:

And a picture of ourselves. As my printer ran out of coloured ink, I printed them
all in black and white with the exception of a few I managed to capture in colour.

This is a picture of my niece Tamara

One of my daughter and her family:

And finally a photo of my mother with her grand-daughters, (one more grand-dtr at home and one grand-son missing here as well) The album had pages of each one with their own families and kids, keeping them all in bunches instead of random pictures
scattered throughout the album.

If I had had more time, I would have really done a scootum job on the album but he loved it anyway and is a keepsake of his family so far away. The papers used in this
book were all handmade and are gorgeous, but they don't show to perfection here.

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parknslide said...

Lovely remembrance for your brother. I sure he will cherish it. I have a set of those black papers and they are gorgeous. You did a fantastic job.