Saturday, 31 January 2009

Still on the move

Well, we are progressing with the repairs, painting and carpeting. But it will still be another week or two before we can move home. We had a painter come in
and repaint most of the rooms that the restorers aren't doing. It is looking fresh
and new already. I can't wait to see the new carpets installed. But there is still
a lot of work to do and daughter and I plan to start Monday before the workmen come in again, and we'll do another purge of all the stuff pulled out of storage. I really want my storage to be at a minimum. The biggest sorting will come later when
I try to organize my craft room. But one step at a time. I don't want to scare myself.
We had to move out of our hotel, as there was a convention going on, so we bunked in
at another hotel for two days only, and tomorrow we move back again for the balance
of our required stay. We have been very comfortable but I am missing home now.
Just wanted to check in with everyone and let them know how things are going here.
I'll be home soon.


TeresaW said...

What an absolute nightmare of a time you have had. Still it looks like things are progressing nicely. I hate living out of a suitcase, I hope it doesn't dampen your spirits too badly. Hope to see you crafting again soon.

Chrissie said...

What a wonderful thought that you'll soon be home again!