Tuesday, 30 September 2008

SBS22 Video Tutorial RIBBON WEAVING & Diamond Fold

Hi everyone. I had a wonderful tutorial to pass on to you and the card made to show the results, but it seems the tutorial got lost by the wayside and so I had to scramble to find something to show you this month. Hopefully it won't get lost by the time you need to see it. It is a simple little technique, but one that is so pretty and could be used on so many cards and for many occassions. RIBBON WEAVING and it can be found here: http://www.making-birthday-cards.com/ribbon-weaving.html.

There are some other ideas you could try with link-ups from this one. Have fun with this one. Make your own, post it so that we can all see.

If you visit the above link to this card making idea, try going into the link for making
Diamond Fold cards, which is the original link I had planned for you. Since I have a card made
for this challenge, I will post it tomorrow for your viewing and hope that you will try this cute
card for yourselves. It is so much fun. That's the card on the right.


Marge said...

I've done these before; challenging, but fun!!!

Kathy said...

This card technique looks really interesting. Will have to get the instructions and try it. TFS!

Megan said...

Ohhhh--I love this idea!! I can't wait to design--I don't think I can wait until the last week of October--eeesh!!

Sarah Elliott said...

That is super cool, thanks for sharing the technique.

Kathy said...

Now I've watched the videos. The ribbon weaving looks very easy. The diamond fold card, however, is another story. It will take some practice to do that one!

Chrissie said...

Well I think I'll have to have a go at this ribbon weaving lark.
Thanks a lot Norma. I'm always keen to try something new.

Julanne said...

Very Cool!!!!
Love the colors, not sure I am up for the challenge.

Marge said...


I've done this diamond-fold card & I think this is the link for it on You-Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkDfbyHXKvY