Sunday, 28 September 2008

Good Sunday morning

Good morning everyone. I haven't felt up to creating the past couple of days, so I won't have a post for you for a few days, but just wanted to let you know that I am coming along okay and one
of these days I'll wake full of vim and vigor again. (And that will be a surprise to me too, as I haven't had one of those days for 20 years) Ah, well, wishful thinking eh? We are having a lovely weekend here on the west coast. No doubt one of the last vestiges of summer, as the cool
days of fall start drifting in. I still have my "Molly Maid" sister here with me, and she plans to
vacumn the carpets for me. That is after the grandkids pick up their toys first. They had a sleep over with us last night. I love having them, as they are so co-operative and never a handful for us. They bring us so much joy and love. They make sure I am comfortable and cover me with a blanket, if I snooze in my chair. My second sister will be arriving today to take over from Sis number 1. It has been nice to have company. They live so far away.
Catch you another post later. Have a good weekend everyone.

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JHET said...

Hi Norma,

It's really nice to have company most especially if they're you're siblings. I haven't seen my siblings since I got here in Australia (which is almost 3 yrs now). I miss them a lot but we get to talk through live chat and send sms to each other to keep us posted. Plus, I send them my cards ;-)

Take care and have a blessed day. Get well soon.