Friday, 22 August 2008

This is a Keeper

I have been so tied up in things and suffering with back spasms, that creativity just flew out

the window and I haven't seen the inside of my craft room for at least a week. But so as not

to interrup the flow of things, I do have something special to show you. My Sis-in-law is an

artist and although some of her work is not my cup of tea, she does some wonderful pieces and

has been fortunate to sell many of her canvases. I was thrilled to receive a card from her

showcasing two of her works of art. Not only did she give me an inkling into her world but she

entered mine and gave me a beautiful keepsake. Plus I am most excited to see these two

pieces photographed and used in a different medium. Aren't they gorgeous and isn't the card

something else?

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