Friday, 29 August 2008

I'm Back!

Just a line or two to let you know I am back from holidays. Absolutely exhausted from spending nine hours on the road for a 5-1/2 hour drive. We sat stationary for over three hours and were then rerouted back the way we came some 25 miles in inchy-inchy traffic and finally got home hungry, sore and stiff from sitting, headaches and heavy eyes. And the best of it all is we have no idea what was wrong except that both directions were closed down for hours. Will get back to
my craft room soon and start showing off some work again. Good night.


Hilmarose said...

Sorry your return was so slow but happy it was accomplished safely!!!

Gwen said...

Grrrr!! I hate that! glad you are back though!

Sarah Elliott said...

Welcome back.