Thursday, 10 July 2008

Wee Morning Adventures

If you want to view life in the fast lane, visit the ER from 11 pm on. That's how
I spent last night. My mum had a fainting spell and faceplanted on the kitchen floor, giving herself a split eyebrow and a shiner of an eye. I spent six hours
sitting there and really can't complain, as she went through test after test, Xrays,
CT scans, all with the positive news that nothing was abnormal. Her heart arythmia
probably didn't push through enough blood to her brain and she passed out. So we now
know that we need a supplementary caretaker to come in during the week to help her, as I am beyond being able to be a lot of help to her, with my own issues. As long as
she is mobile, and we get the extra care, she can remain at home for a while longer.
But if she loses the use of her legs, we will have to consider a care home. Unfortunate, but necessary for me. What a tough decision that will be.

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