Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Sweet Candy Day

I went to visit a friend today. One of those, put your feet up, have a cold drink in this warm weather and chit chat about everything and nothing. In the ensuing time she asked if I would like to see her new craft room. Would I say no! Wow, when
I look at my room and the "few" things I have, it is like going into a candy shop.
During our browsing, she said to me, I want to clear some of my paper, would you like to have it. Would I!!??? What a silly question. I came home with with a pizza box full of beautiful papers and I could not have been more excited about it.
Now I really do need to organize to be able to find everything. Have a look at just
a few sheets of my pretty new paper. To my good friend, I send hugs and a huge thank you for your generosity. (I told her as I was leaving, that if she ever wanted
to clear out again, just pack it in a box and leave it on my doorstep). She laughed.
Thank you friend.

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