Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Today is our national holiday, July 1st, Canada Day. 30 million people can celebrate our great country today and stand up and say, "I am proud to be Canadian".
We are so diversified in our makeup of nationalities who call Canada, HOME. It adds
to the flavour of our stew pot. And our country is also diversified in its geography. From sea to sea, we have mountains, desert, farmlands, forests, lakes and
four seasons of the year in the majority of places. We have wilderness and in the
very far north, our ice and snow land. And no, contrary to belief, we are not covered in snow year round, nor can you go skiing in July. Perhaps in the far northern regions of places like Alaska, you might find some summer skiing. We were visiting Alaska a few years ago in May and we had t-shirts on in 70 degree weather.
We suffer the injustices of summer heatwaves just like our neighbours to the south.
It's a great place to be from. Happy Birthday, Canada!

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