Sunday, 4 May 2008

Dream Porch

Still following my Weekend challenge and the theme This Old House, is this ATC
creation. When I saw this photo I just drooled. My dream home is a rancher with
an 8 foot wide wraparound porch, similar to the one here. I love the colour combo
of the paper and stock matte plus the blue of the house itself. The red screen door
is the icing on the cake. I used a metal frame to highlight the door and add some
dimension to an otherwise unartistic, stock photo. The pretty paper gave it the old
feeling of wallpaper found inside the parlour or dining room. It was a fun little card to make.
P.S. Does anyone know why when you click on the photo the larger version is so very
large? I don't know how to make it smaller so you can view it properly without having to move over the photo.


Kimmie said...

This is a Beautiful ATC!!! You did a wonderful job! TFS!

Anonymous said...

You would like my house! lol
I wonder if you need to change the size of the picture your camera takes on the camera it self...I have a Canon XTi and I had to change my pics to medium cuz they were so BIG!