Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Down in the dumps, but not senile

We had another doctor appointment for my DH, seen in the picture on my right.
He has been in a deep depression and his memory is not what it was, so he felt
that he may be entering early senility or even alzheimers, because his dad went
that way. But his cat scan did not reveal anything remotely indicating it. But
his depression has now been ruled as the culprit for the memory losses, so he will
remain on his new meds and return in six months for re-evaluation. I can see positive changes in him in the past month and a half, and he is showing interest in
life again and we actually have conversations without growling on his part. I find
it such a shame that people go this way, because he was such a happy go lucky, and
fun fellow. I only hope he can regain some of that vitality again and enjoy his life
once again. He laughed when I said, well, there you go, you aren't wacky just looney. Which is a good thing, because that was his personality.


Tracy.H said...

Good to hear that it was not, Alzheimers. But it does not make it any easier. It is hard living...or just being around someone with depression. Make sure to take time for yourself and not let his depression pull you down. :0)

Lim said...

Hi Norma,
I really hope that your husband feel better soon.Never loss the Faith. Thanks for taking part in my blog candy. I wish you good luck on the drawing and stop by at my place again some time :)
Have a nice day. Hugs,