Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Well, if you think waiting to find out whether your name came up was tough, you should see what I had to do to get a winner. For some reason the random pick wouldn't work, so
luckily I had written everyone's name down as they came through my email and I had
to cut them all out.
But to keep it fair and non-partial, my mother had just come downstairs to do some
laundery, so I told her to sit down while I cut out the names, because she was going
to choose the winner. Yah - yah - get on with it, you say.
My thank you to each of you who left me a comment and it was interesting to see that
the overall winner in this group was StampinUp, although many of you are just beginning to branch out to other companies.
Congratulation to our number 38 - Chrystal! - Please email me with your address and
we will get your prize to you lickity split.
I also mentioned there might be a little surprise for a couple more, so I asked her
to pick two more numbers. They were #20 Mandiannie and #30 Mochamama. Please email
me and I will send out a little something to you as well.
Thank you everyone - this was fun - See you in the future when I reach the 5 digit hits.


Shutterbug said...
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Mandiannie said...

Just wanted to say I got your e-mail and sent one to you with the info. Thanks so very much!!