Sunday, 13 January 2008


Well, we got a late call last night from sis-in-law, so my DH and I left the house
at 10 pm to go over to her home. It appears that while she was at work, someone took
the liberty of breaking in and helping himself to everything that was precious to us
all, my late mother-in-laws jewelery. It hurts because of the sentimental value of the items and the recent loss of MIL. Plus there was jewelery from great-grdmother, and their Greek grandma, plus her own jewelery too. Oh and a bottle of rum! As upsetting as it is, I told her she was very fortunate that everything else had been left in tact and not destroyed. The house goes on the market on Tuesday. We think it had to have been someone in the complex, knowing that no one was home now. She will have to get the window repaired today, but meanwhile, DH barracaded the window so it can't be opened again. She had even nailed the window shut and he still managed to get in. So word of caution to everyone out there, put a stick in your
window slot, and most of all lower the screws in the top of the window so the window
cannot be lifted up and out of the track. Have a safe day everyone.


Tracy.H said...

So sorry to hear about the theft! I will never understand what people get out of taking other peoples belongings...especially family heirlooms.

NormaJ said...

Unfortunately, I think it is called
drugs. They take only those things that they can dump quickly for cash. Now it is up to us to
visit every pawn shop around looking for the "loot".