Thursday, 29 November 2007

Good Morning

Well, good morning everyone. For five days now we have been promised snow out
here on the West coast and in my little corner of the earth, we haven't got any.
Much to the disappointment of my grand-daughters, who want to build a snowman! I
grew up with snow for up to five months of the year, so I have always enjoyed the
coast for the lack of this white stuff. The difference being, that back east you
got hard pack, driveable (most times) roads. Out here you get damp, freezing rain,
wet snow, that leaves roads in a nightmare situation. Add the hills of rolling roads
and you have the makings of an epic novel of disaster. We live on the bottom end of
a cul-de-sac that runs up hill. So when we get six inches of snow, it's like living
in an igloo for two or three days, because you go no where, and sit inside the house
with the fireplace going and a warm cup of tea. Talk about cabin fever. Then we
pray for rain to clear a path up that road, so we can escape. The snow can stay on
the garden. I mean, afterall, it is the prettiest sight one can see after that initial snowfall. But not on my roads thank you. But it is a neat way to meet your
neighbours. They all come out of their hidey holes and actually speak to each other.
What an event that is. Isn't it so sad that the only way we communicate anymore is
at weddings, funerals, and natural happenings. When things are looking up, we ignore
each other. Strange lot, we humans, too full of ourselves I think.
So on that note, you go have yourself a nice day and I hope it doesn't snow on your

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