Monday, 16 July 2007

Payback reversed

Once again a new week begins and for a retired person my calendar is full all ready.

Today I have the privilege of taking my youngest granddaughter to PreK school. And

because her mum is working, I get to stay with the class for two hours. Oh joy! My

daughter says it is payback time, because I was a working mum and she was left with

her grandmother during those years, so now it is time for me to pay my dues. Put that

way, I guess I can't complain. So I will spend time singing songs, colouring and marching

around the room. But isn't she a cutie. She'll be four in November. My problem is I need
a few four years deducted from my age, to keep up with her. Oh, my aching knees! "Come on,
Nana, dance with me!" One, two, three, four, Nana get up off the floor........

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Flossie's Follies said...

sounds like it will be a fun day, I am envious want to be retired, was once and then had to go back to work for health insurance coverage, but hope to be out of the work force next year at this time. I retired early originally