Tuesday, 17 July 2007

My goal

Well, I have procrastinated long enough and have started back on my food plan
to lose the excess baggage my poor body moves from place to place daily. I was
doing well, last fall, but with the loss of my dad this February and having the
main caregiver status, I seemed to lose focus on so many things. But things have
tidied up around here after such a devestating emotional loss and it is time to
concentrate on me. Heaven knows, I now have the time to do that. So wish me
luck, because I have a gigantic hurdle to overcome and a mountain to move.
You know, sometimes it feels like I'm moving a mountain too!


Tracy.H said...

Well, you have started on the right step and have yourself a plan! And there are lots of us out here to cheer you on!! :0)

Maria said...

Good luck! I know you'll overcome any hurdle that you encounter. I'm sorry for the loss of your dad. With time, it'll get a little easier. . .

Like Tracy said, there's a lot of us that are on the same journey. I think with support from one another, we cand accomplish our goals!